Our mission is to promote a foundation in recovery from alcohol, drugs and other related behaviors by providing a safe and structured environment. Our independent sober living emphasizes honesty, trust, and respect so clients can heal with the help of a nurturing 12-step based home where coping and communication skills are encouraged. This allows a safe way of learning to live when getting out of a rehabilitation environment or a home that was of complete isolation. Our focus is to provide a peaceful and structured sober community in which residents are proactive in their recovery while learning to address their needs and problems in a mature manner. Clients are guided to seek out-patient or therapy if needed. We encourage a quality of living that is conducive to ones sobriety and personal growth. This will enable confidence and self worth, while learning how to build on their strengths and utilize the tools provided by our compassionate staff as well a 12-step program. Structured sober living is instrumental in building a new way of living. I will not feel normal in early recovery but this allows each person to help each other remain disciplined with the day to day things that are essential to maintain a strong foundation for long term sobriety. All residents are committed to helping each other regain a worthy life and are encouraged to grow both emotionally and spiritually. We insist on having fun and making this new chapter in our lives as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Living with untreated alcoholism has been difficult enough for all those years. This is just the beginning to a new found freedom and happiness. You will be amazed in what choices lie ahead for you and the opportunities you will have by being sober.

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